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Mary Cassatt, The Child’s Bath, 1893.
Oil on canvas, 100 × 66 cm (39½ in × 26 in).
The Art Institute of Chicago.


What to Pack to Travel The World by wendymacnaughton

A drawing of every item the pioneering journalist Nellie Bly packed in her small leather suitcase to travel around the world in 75 days - in 1889.

The drawing was created originally for Brain Pickings article, “How to Pack Like Nellie Bly, Pioneering Journalist” by Maria Popova. Read it here:


Victor Hagea


"Waste of good ammo. It’s my privilege to buy you a replacement box."

"All self-respecting whites have a moral responsibility to support our growing number of martyrs to the failed experiment called diversity."

"I thank all Police, you are the ‘Thin Blue Line’ protecting normal Americans from aggressive and entitled primitive savages. America is surely at the tipping point."

Just a few quotes (in case it’s hard to read) from that collection of donation messages for Darren Wilson.

Does anyone else want to say it’s not about race?


Raymond Douillet


Sometimes CAH hits too close to home.


Raymond Douillet

"There’s like a million different ways to say “I love you,”
“put your seat belt on,”
“watch your step,”
“get some rest,” …you’ve just got to listen."

Unknown  (via psych-facts)

"Love yourself. Forgive yourself. Be true to yourself. How you treat yourself sets the standard for how others will treat you."

Steve Maraboli (via observando)


Raymond Douillet

A Japanese dwarf flying squirrel with her babies


Victor Hagea.


Kneeling Female in Orange-Red Dress”, 1910, Egon Schiele.

"Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist."

-Pablo Picasso

instagram: escaptism

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